Hair Transplant W
hy Should I transplanted my hairs?

1. Lasting Results

Hair transplant Treatment will give You a short time visible and long lasting results as opposed to other treatments on the hair. In addition, according to studies, the success rate among such patients was also very high.

2. Natural-Looking hair

Hair transplantation Operations were successful thanks to the natural appearance of the hairline, which in the past was destroyed due to problems with hair loss or thinning of the upper hair.

The Reasons for success in operations are based on techniques and technologies that allowed surgeons to place hair graftions according to the natural hair arrangement of the patient in order to reproduce the previous hairline.

3. Androgen Albaldness

Hair Loss is not always the result of aging, it can also be genetic and runs in the family. To solve this problem, many men undergo a hair transplant procedure to get their natural appearance in a very short time.

4. Regain Self-esteem

The Loss of hair, and especially its early stage, often causes low self-esteem due to the shame associated with the disease. Many people think they look older. The Solution for patients became a hair transplant to regain their hair and self-esteem. Today's techniques and technologies allow you to regain your former hairstyle.

5. No Side Effects

Many anti-hair loss medications now cause prostate cancer and sexual dysfunction and other negative side effects that can be detrimental to health. St
udies have shown that hair transplant operations have in fact very little effect on the patient's health.

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[Contact-form-7 id = "1118" title = "Polish Version"] FUE Hair Transplantation does not require the involvement of large areas of the scalp. An Additional benefit is that the FUE technique does not require a linear cut on the back of the head, nor does it leave a linear scar.

How long do the effects persist after the FUE treatment?

After the FUE interventions in the actions taken, the results are persistent. The Reason for these lasting results is that the areas where the hair follicles are taken are not genetically programmed to leave, so the donor area is known as the "safe zone". After transplantation of bubbles to the necessary parts of the scalp will connect to the cells around them. The Follicles will be nourished again by regular blood flow, as before the extraction. After
The first few days the hair will fall out. Although the hair has disappeared, the hair follicles will remain and begin to grow properly after a few months. The Result is fuller, thicker hair and a volume that will survive the test of time

What are the causes of male pattern baldness?

According to the American National Library of Medicine (NLM) over 50 percent of all men over 45 years of age will be affected by male pattern baldness.

Genetics or family history of baldness is one of the main causes of male pattern baldness. Studies have shown that male pattern baldness is associated with male sex hormones, androgens.

One of the main functions of androgen is regulating hair growth. Hair has growth cycles, and in cases of male pattern baldness This growth cycle begins to wane, and the hair follicles shrinks to form shorter and finer strands of hair.

Finally, the growth cycle for each hair ends and unfortunately no new hair appears in its place.


Finally, the latest method of hair transplantation is accepted as DHI, less invasive and less painful, which guarantees faster hair recovery.

How does the DHI operation process?

For Those who choose our clinic for hair transplant, we will be the first to carry out various tests to determine the quality of the hair to be transplanted. Factors such as hair density, the quality of the keratin raw material in the hair and the durability of the hair are extremely important. Looking at the results, decides on the number of grafts to be taken. The DHI method uses a special tool called Choi Pen. Hair is picked up and transplanted with this pen.

How does ImplanterChoi pen work?

ImplanterChoi is a pen-shaped tool with a hollow needle at one end. Doctors in the operating room apply the extracted hair grafted to the hollow end of the needle. The surgeon Then uses the pen to implant the pre-applied hair into the scalp. This process is then repeated for each individual transplant. During A typical transplant, our hair transplant surgeon and team use about 6 pens interchanges to optimize the implantation time.

Main improvements and advantages of DHI

The Use of an implanter pen eliminates the need for duct incisions. Previously, the operations team had to create small circular incisions on the scalp. Surgeons can now "inject" grafs directly into the recipient's zones. This Reduces trauma and blood loss during transplantation.

As A result, using an Oiimplanter, our surgeons can now achieve a significantly higher transplant survival rate after transplantation. In Addition, reducing the injury means faster treatment time in our patients. There is clear and obvious evidence for better aesthetic results, as grafted can be positioned with greater precision during implantation.

Using the Implanter pen to increase density

The Main advantage of the Implanter Pen technology is the ease of increasing hair density by placing grafters between existing hair. Many patients who were looking for a transplant as a hair thinning medication discourage the need to completely shorten the hair before transplantation. This Was necessary when the micromotor was used to create the duct incisions before reloading the donor transplantation.

Hair Transplant without shaving, innovation with zero visible symptoms of surgery:

A Transplant without shaving hair called "Celebrity FUE" is very popular among patients who want to conceal the fact that they were performing the procedure. The FUE Technique without shaving requires more time to intervene, is additionally labor intensive and requires great skills for both the surgeon and technicians.

In the case of extraction without bubbles (FUE), only the hair used for the transplant is trimmed and the rest of the hair remains the same length. The Trimmed donor bubbles are therefore hidden among the remaining full-sized hair and achieve a completely normal appearance after transplantation. This technique is suitable for both men and women, because the method ensures that both the process and the final result of the hair transplant is undetectable. During the procedure, the bubbles are trimmed and pulled out. Immediately after the treatment, the hair will be combed and you will not see any traces of the operation.

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