Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows is one of the most important elements of the face. They Are essential for the communication and expression of the face, and also provide protection from dirt and sweat for your eyes.

Because eyebrows shape the eye and improve the aesthetic appearance of the face, modifying the appearance of the eyebrows to obtain the desired shape, length or density is fairly common. Many time-consuming and cosmetic attempts to reproduce/impart the appropriate shape of eyebrows, such as waxing, daily painting, henna or the execution of permanent make-up is time-consuming, expensive and can even form part of the problem.

If your eyebrows are thin or thinning, consider a brow transplant to get the full, attractive, healthy eyebrows you desire.

We will use scalp grafps in most patients, although transplantation from other parts of the body are an option for patients whose scalps do not provide adequate donor hair follicles.

What can we expect?

When you Consult your doctor, you will discuss the effects that you want to achieve. The Project is individual for each patient. Our specialists guarantee that the position of the eyebrows, symmetry and density are matched to the patient's face and style.

As with other hair transplant operations, local anaesthesia will be given to isolate the area and provide the patient with comfort and safety.

The Procedure usually takes about 3-4 hours. The Procedure of grafting eyebrows usually covers from 50 to 325 hair placed in each eyebrow, depending on the already existing hair, as well as the desired thickness and density. At this time, the hair follicles will be removed from the donor's place and then will be carefully implanted in the indicated area.

Each single hair must have a correct angle and direction, as a result of which the shape and thickness of the eyebrows satisfies the pa
tient's expectations. The Goal is to provide a look that is as natural as possible, the hair is transplanted one at a time, but never more than two at a time. The Procedure imitates the natural way in which eyebrows will grow in the future. Hair needs to be precisely placed in small cuts with a width of not more than half a millimetre. Aft
er 3-5 days after surgery, the patient has no apparent signs of surgery. The Redness of the skin or small scabies that may have formed around the transplanted hair will disappear, and the hair will begin to grow, giving the eyebirds a naturally full
appearance. The Aim of the eyebrow transplant is to restore the growing hair that is missing or too thin or covered with scars. The Total lack of hair in the eyeball can be caused by many factors, including genetics, hormonal abnormalities, excessive epilation or trauma. The dono
r Zone of the eyebrow transplant comes directly from the patient's scalp, which will grow throughout life after implanted it in the eyebrows. After grafting the eyebrows transplanted hair will have to be regularly trimmed, usually once a month, so as not to become too long.

If You need more information about our hair loss treatment, please contact us for advice without obligation.

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