Beard transplant

It Is an ideal solution for patients who need little help in obtaining the perfect beard. Dense beards have been a huge trend for several years and it seems that this trend will remain strong. The Number of beard grafting continues to grow, given the new revolutionary FUE procedure. How do beard trans work? The Procedure for hair transplantation by the FUE method is very similar to the FUE hair transplant. Both treatments are very similar. This Provides the most natural and realistic result. During Normal hair transplantation, hair follicles (FUE) are transplanted from one area of the head (donor area) to another area (recipient area). Beard Trans vary slightly. The Hair is found on the scalp and then transplanted into a beard. The Individual hair follicles are removed from the scalp using a specialised extraction tool that leaves minimal scars invisible to the naked eye. These Bubbles are then prepared under a microscope and ready to be grafting. One of our specialist physicians will transplant hair follicles into beard areas that have noticeable scars, fissures or, ultimately, areas of the face on which the patient wants to resist. Our doctors have a great experience, so it is possible to get the most natural looking beard transplant. The Petals will be transplanted in the receiving area at an angle and density to match the natural pattern of hair growth, which gives the natural appearance of the transplant. Who is the right candidate? Usually, patients with rare facial hair come to our clinic, looking for a much fuller and denser beard. Excellent candidates are patients with non-uniform beards. Many men find certain areas of the beard, which still have bald patches, in which the hair does not grow. In such cases, our treatment can help fill these patches. Beard Graft is a great option for people with scars on the face on which the hair will not grow. Will the beard transplant be permanent? Like hair transplants, beard transplantation is the most durable solution for hair restoration. Hair Follicles are selected from the scalp area, where the hair does not fall out with age, and this means that after transplantation the hair should grow for many years. If You need more information about our hair loss treatment, please contact us for advice without obligation.